Her Story

Jewel Remeta’s eclectic life experience and unbounded spirituality have called her to heal others.  Born in Angeles City, Philippines, her father’s profession as a US Airforce navigator meant numerous trips from Sacramento, California to her grandmother’s home outside of Manila and back, all before Jewel reached kindergarten.  These trips were significant not only because of the unintended culture shock, but also the early introduction to frequent international travel, being raised under two nationalities, and the phyical realization for the magnitude of the planet.


Jewel spent her youth in Sacramento, California, excelling at the piano and playing soccer before moving to Long Beach to pursue a degree in music. Music was her initial connection to the elemental power outside of herself, a way to process a sometimes overwhelming world. Even then, she was sensitive and free, trusting that her conversations with the universe were theirs alone, and she needed only to listen and acknowledge life’s abundant possibilities.


Jewel’s deep connection to and trust in the universe has propelled her through challenges that created wells of empathy and joys that affirmed her unshakable hope, helping her to find clarity within herself. Her journey has taught her how to surrender to the unknown and how to manifest her desires. She has learned the sacrifice and sometimes loneliness of learning a spiritual path. Living a balanced life means creating healthy boundaries and walking away from situations that no longer resonate.


Jewel completed her Associate's Degree in Piano Performance and went on to complete her certifications in Audio Engineering & Record Production.  She studied vocal jazz and enjoyed performing in small vocal jazz ensembles throughout her time at Long Beach City College.


In 2017, Jewel completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and received her initial Reiki Attunement. After 12 years of intentional energy work with friends and clients, she opened her home to her practice in 2018. She maintains a steady vinyasa yoga practice, her self-reiki practice, and meditates regularly to maintain the energy to hold space for others. Jewel received her Master Teacher Attunement with Sat Devbir Singh in August 2020.


"Reiki is the most beautiful, intelligent, loving energy and I'm so proud and honored to be able to share it."