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Reiki Jewel

Dark Smoky Quartz Point

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This channeling point stands 4" high and is 2" round. One of the most striking smoky quartz I've seen, it will be an exceptional protection ally, helping to alleviate fear and lift your mood. Smoky quartz have a way of rooting you to the Earth and bring you back to the present moment. A stone to assist mental and emotional baggage, smoky quartz aids in releasing stagnant energy and energy of past situations which may have left ‘debris’ in your aura. Smoky quartz will relieve you of any unwanted emotions, helping you to feel stable and protected. As it helps you to ground, this stone is a great meditation tool, keeping you connected and protected while you explore the spirit realm. Smoky quartz is a practical helper, assisting in getting to the root of the issue by encouraging simplicity and efficiency.

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Care Instructions

When first receiving a crystal, take time to take in its essence, connect with it. Smell it, hold it to your heart, vibe with it. Share your intentions with your new friend, it resonates to assist you. Each crystal is reiki attuned (after purchase) with its new companion in mind.